What to expect on my first visit?
Your first visit to the clinic will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will first meet with the receptionist who will collect the forms (New Patient Forms) you have completed or give you the forms to complete. As a courtesy, your insurance (Insurances Accepted) will be called as soon as we have the information to identify the coverage your have for our services. Be aware if your appointment is after office hours of your insurance company, you will want to relay the appropriate information to our receptionist (801-250-6733) earlier so that you will understand your coverage before your visit.

The information you have provided and information from your doctor (if you have one) will be reviewed by a Physical Therapist (Meet Lance and Matt). You be given a brief tour of the clinic (physical therapy) and then enter a treatment room where you can change into shorts, sweats or something comfortable. A physical therapist will ask questions regarding your condition, health status, current activity level and your expectations regarding therapy. A full examination will be completed including assessments of posture, movement, coordination, strength, endurance, muscle length, palpation, neurological testing, passive movement and other appropriate tests for your condition and expected outcomes.

 The therapist will identify the areas of concerns and answer two important questions: 1) what the dysfunction is and 2) what needs to be changed to improve. This will include a home exercise program to address movement patterns, strength and flexibility issues and appropriate treatment in the clinic to expedite your healing process.

 Discharge from therapy will be determined from your goals and expectations and the condition in which you present to the clinic to correct. Typical expectations are for 6-8 sessions depending on the above stated facts.

 Do I need a prescription from my doctor to see you?
A prescription or referral is not required to see a physical therapist in the state of Utah for your initial visit. Appointments can be made anytime. However, there are a few things to consider based on your situation. Your health insurance policy may require a referral from your primary care physician for outside services, like physical therapy, in order for them to financially cover. Call your health insurance and verify if a referral is needed. Our office manager is available to assist you if needed. Request that referral prior to your treatment to avoid personal responsibility for incurred charges. Second, if you are receiving physician’s care for the same condition, we would ask you to request a physical therapy prescription before seeing us to make sure all parties included in your care are on the same page.

How long will I need physical therapy?
The body does not change overnight. It can take a number of weeks to stretch, strengthen and retrain. You may need one visit or you may need several months of treatment depending upon your condition. Your physical therapist and your medical doctor will recommend how long you will be treated. Usually, by the second treatment, your physical therapist can give you a good estimate of how many visits it will take to get you back in action.

Who pays for the treatment?
In most cases, health insurance will cover your treatment. Advanced Motion Physical Therapy makes it easy —we take virtually all insurances with few exceptions. Please make sure to talk to our office manager to help you clarify your insurance coverage.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
Please bring your insurance card, driver’s license, the medical doctor’s referral or prescription, your calendar, completed new patient forms and payment for your co-pay or deductible. Please download, complete and bring the intake forms found on this site. They can be time consuming, but they are necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to expose the body part we are examining. It is best if you bring shorts if we are examining your back or lower extremities. Finally, we ask that you come fifteen minutes early so the front desk and your therapist can review your paperwork.

Will I see a licensed Physical Therapist on each of my treatment visits?
Yes. We believe that you deserve and should expect to see and be treated each visit by a licensed Physical Therapist.

How do I get started?
When you schedule your first appointment, we will find out what insurance benefits are available to you through your insurance company or payer. After your initial evaluation, your therapist will be able to estimate the frequency and duration of treatment required. You can find more detailed information about how to get started with us by clicking here.

What are your hours?
We are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday. For your convenience, we are also available during your lunch hour. Hours are subject to change.

Do you provide transportation?
We do not provide transportation, but public transportation to get to our office locations is readily available.

Why Advanced Motion Physical Therapy?
Go to our page “Why Advanced Motion PT”

What can physical therapy do for me?
If you hurt, we can help. The expertise of a physical therapist can help in many ways. Physical therapists apply research and proven techniques to help effectively prevent and treat a variety of injuries and chronic conditions. Your therapist will educate you about your condition and teach you how to manage and overcome it. A path to your recovery will be skillfully mapped out. Your physical therapist will prescribe exercises that are specific to the nature and severity of your condition. This will help to restore your strength, mobility and relieve pain. Your therapist can help you move forward with your life!

What do I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to expose the body part we are examining. It is best if you bring shorts if we are looking at your back or any joint below the back.

Will it hurt?
We will do everything we can to make your sessions with us pain free. The old adage “no pain, no gain” is ridiculous.

What is a co pay?
Some insurance contracts require you to pay a certain amount each visit. This amount is called a co-pay. Co-pay amounts can vary depending on your individual policy. Co-pays are expected to be paid on your arrival each visit.

What is a deductible?
The deductible is the amount you are required to pay before your insurance begins payment. Deductibles vary depending on your individual policy. You should check with your insurance company to determine your individual plan coverage. If you have a deductible and have not met it, payment is expected each visit until your deductible is met.

What is co-insurance?
This is the percentage that your individual policy requires you to pay of the allowed, or contracted, amount. We will bill you for your co-insurance amount once we determine what your carrier allows per visit.

Can I bring my children?
Although we love children, for you to get the most out of your therapy session, Please make other arrangements for your children. If no other plans can be made bring appropriate activities for your children while you are in therapy. Please do not bring food or drink into the clinic.

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