Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

Advanced Motion Physical Therapy is dedicated to offering the leading edge of body movement analysis and restoration. Our focus is to provide an environment for the patient to move forward. Moving forward with biomechanically correct movement, motion, efficiency and ultimately a healthier life. Education, understanding, one-on-one and skillful hands-on treatments are essential to this endeavor.

Vision Statement

Advanced Motion Physical Therapy will offer patients a trained analysis in movement with a primary emphasis on gait, running, and lower extremity function. Treatment may include manipulation, specific exercise, orthotics, and movement re-education using video, handouts, and hands-on guidance.

Three Most Important Qualities

  1. Our professional staff allows a one-on-one patient to therapist visit.
  2. Spanish speaking therapist.
  3. Experienced therapists with training and skills in manual therapy.

Differentiating Qualities

  1. Experienced therapists staying current and implementing the latest evidence based treatment.
  2. One-on-one clinic with same providers from start to finish.
  3. Primary emphasis is progression is independent programs without clinic dependencies.

Customer Impressions

  1. Clinic is friendly, progressive, and a main source of education for patients.
  2. Helpful with explanations of home program and also the financial options.

Customer Convenience

We accept Medicare and Medicaid (We feel it important to see Medicaid patients as we are part of the community). We are in network with all insurance plans except IHC. We will work with auto insurances and liens up to $1500

Clients receive a face-to-face orientation with out billing department on the first or second visit. This meeting outlines our billing procedures and a review of their plan options and responsibilities.

We have multiple staff personnel and a therapist who are bilingual speaking English or Spanish at the preference of patients.



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