May 12th 8:00 am, “Park to Park” Walk


Join the Magna Lions and the staff of Advanced Motion Physical Therapy

 “Park to Park” Walk

Why:                     Start your summer off on the right foot.  Get in shape this year.

When:                  May 12, 2012 8:00am Start (Come 20 min early to register)

Where:                Start at Magna-Kennecott Utah Copper Park Entrance (see map)

What:                   Come in shorts and walking shoes ready for a 1.3 mile walk with 3 learning stations and the finish line at the recreation center.  Learn what benefits are gained from walking, what shoes should I buy, how hard do I need to walk and how often should I walk.

How:                     As you walk towards the health fair you will have 4 information booths; 1) Magna Water: stay hydrated and learn about shoe wear, 2) AMPT: How do I find my target heart rate and determine how fast I should walk, 3) AMPT: What stretches are needed to keep me walking healthy, and 4) AMPT at the finish: What benefits do I gain from walking and free T-shirts for the first 75 walkers.

Stay at the Recreation Center from 9:00am to 1:00pm for the 10th Annual Magna Healthy Community Fair

Fun, Health and Wellness:  Free Food and Fun for the Whole Family!

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