As a dual credentialed physical therapist and athletic trainer, Derek has the opportunity of working with and caring for individuals, including athletes and those struggling to return to their regular activities for over 16 years. Through his professional experiences, Derek has provided care to individuals from various age groups, cultural backgrounds, levels of competition and physical abilities. Given Derek’s extensive sports medicine background, his practice has included caring for individuals in the athletic arena to include competitive, collegiate, professional and Olympic levels.

Derek completed his Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, followed by a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology (Performance Enhancement Tract). He had a very successful career in sports medicine helping to care for athletes at the high school and collegiate levels.  After which, Derek went on to earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Utah, and has since been incorporating an interdisciplinary approach to his clinical practice.

From a clinical perspective, he believes in emphasizing integrated movement over isolation for the purposes of utilizing functional movement patterns to address physical dysfunction.

Derek has a special interest in sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, post-operative care, performance enhancement and corrective movement. His versatile interdisciplinary approach utilizes manual therapy in chorus with other pain mitigating modalities to augment and support functional exercise patterns for improved mobility and quality of life.

Derek’s approach to his practice has always been to ensure that his patients feel listened to and heard.  One of his strongest values is trust.  Earning the trust of his patients and their loved ones is a top priority.  Trust and communication aid in helping him build a partnership with his patients to ensure successful therapy.

In his free time, Derek enjoys working out, playing sports, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with his wife and four boys.